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Listening and Living

Matt Menhennett, our Middle School Director here at Metropolitan, shared a story I want to pass along to you. He told me about one of the students who attends our church who came to him after a worship service. He had been listening intently to my message about heaven. He told Matt that he wanted to be a person who was passionate for God and matters of eternity.

He broke down as he told Matt about a friend of his who is an atheist who needs to know of the love of God. “I want a passion for God,” he said. “When I am telling my friend how to love God, I want to be loving God myself!” Matt went on to talk and pray with him about his personal commitment to studying God’s Word and discovering God’s will.

The thing that impresses me about this conversation is that this young man is a high school sophomore who is expressing a deep desire to grow in the knowledge of God and to make Christ known to his friend. Oh, that that were true of every one of us! Our attendance in worship, our singing, our praying, our reading the scriptures are all intended to change our lives and to equip us to influence others for Jesus in this world. James 1:22 says there is a whole lot more to the Christian life than just listening to the teaching. We must also put it into practice! In this case, one of our young people is leading the way!

Pastor Randy