Marriage Conference

When Sorry Isn't Enough

January 16 or 17, 2015 

Eventbrite - When Sorry Isn't Enough

Metropolitan Baptist Church is proud to welcome Dr. Gary Chapman to OKC for the 2015 Marriage Conference, "When Sorry Isn't Enough."   

It is a our joy to offer this conference to our community for free. Join us for one of these dates: (identical content presented at both)

  • Friday evening, January 16, 6:30-9:30 P.M. (Childcare available)
  • Saturday morning, January 17, 9:00 A.M.-12:00 Noon (Childcare unavailable)

Two Sessions:

  • "Solving Conflict Without Arguing"
  • "The 5 Languages of Apology"

Hosted by: Metropolitan Baptist Church, 7201 West Britton Rd., Oklahoma City, OK 73132

Registration is open. Eventbrite - When Sorry Isn't Enough

As anyone who has attended one of his marriage conferences knows, Dr. Gary Chapman’s expertise in marriage begins with the success and failures he and his wife Karolyn have experienced in their marriage for more than 45 years. He is just the man to turn to for help on improving or healing our most important relationships.

His own life experiences, plus over thirty-five years of pastoring and marriage counseling, led him to publish his first book in the Love Language series, The Five Love Languages: How to Express Heartfelt Commitment to Your Mate. Many of the millions of readers credit this continual New York Times bestseller with saving their marriages by showing them simple and practical ways to communicate love.

At this year’s conference, Dr. Chapman will share valuable insights based on his book, When Sorry Isn’t Enough (co-authored with Dr. Jennifer Thomas), on how couples can resolve inevitable conflict by learning how to apologize. According to Dr. Chapman, "Even in the best of relationships, all of us make mistakes. We do and say things we later regret, and hurt the people we love most. So we need to make things right. But simply saying you're sorry is usually not enough." Relationships are fragile. And whether fractured by a major incident or a minor irritation, the ensuing emotions can often feel insurmountable, preventing the relationship from moving forward or the offended from moving on. In order to make things right, something more than “sorry” is needed.

This conference is for anyone, whether you have been married for years, are newlyweds, divorced, or single, Dr. Chapman will help you discover why certain apologies clear the path for emotional healing, reconciliation, and freedom, while others fall desperately short.

Dr. Chapman speaks to thousands of couples nationwide through his weekend marriage conferences. He hosts a nationally syndicated radio program, "A Love Language Minute", and a Saturday morning program, "Building Relationships", both airing on more than 400 stations. Dr. Chapman and his wife have two grown children and currently live in Winston-Salem, North Carolina, where he serves as senior associate pastor at Calvary Baptist Church.

Dr. Chapman holds BA and MA degrees in anthropology from Wheaton College and Wake Forest University, respectively, and MRE and PhD degrees from Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary. He has also completed postgraduate work at the University of North Carolina and Duke University.

Eventbrite - When Sorry Isn't Enough